Lesson: don't skate when you're tired.

So last week was a very long week for me at work. I even had to skip my usual mid-weeknight skatepark session with my friends. On Friday I decided that some skating might do me good and relieve some of the built up stress from my week.

After only a few minutes I realized that my feet weren't really on the same page with me. In just 10-15 mins of cruising the park and warming up, I went for a simple 540 and when I landed, my left foot twisted up like a pretzel.

My whole skate felt numb almost instantly. 6 hours later in the ER and they explain what I did and that I'll be needing surgery.

The leg bone outside my ankle has about a 5-6" spiral fracture which will need a steel plate + 3 screws to fix. The impact apparently caused my two ankle bones to spread apart at the bottom. A long screw through both bones is going to re-adjust that and will be removed in 6 weeks. Doc says I'll have to use these god damned crutches until that long bolt is taken out, because if I walk on it, it will break.
Moral of the story: Skating when your tired is dangerous and you could get hurt badly just doing something simple.

It's been a long painful week and finally my surgery is tomorrow... wish me luck!

Since I'll be stuck at home and can't drive, I'll be getting pizza delivered on the regs.


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wish me luck,



ericschrijn said...

I heard about it but didn't believe it....Damn !!!
I feel you pain man, i have been there, shit is not sweet but you will be back...
Hope you get well fast....


Jeff Dalnas said...

get better JC. i've been there before with a broken leg.just takes time to heal. good luck and feel better

Noah said...

Take it easy. I know it's super hard to do that and even more frustrating. But to be back in good shape, you've got to. I have 3 screws in my ankle since '98 from doing a 540 off the original start box at Airborne before they put the handrail on it. 540's... Keep your spirits up. Watch some good movies.

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