Brett Dasovic-8 tricks w/ 8 New Eulogy Wheeeelz!

So what better way to start my EULOblogging than with a fun little edit for everyone to see?
I recently came up on new Chris edwards 58mm legends wheels and I was saving them for the last park sesh of the year (and for this park...possible forever) because I wanted to be able to crusie! This was the last of our "Tuesday night skate" sessions at this park called "ollie & Co" The park has been broken into several times despite being located in a pretty dang decent part of the state, granted its farther from civilization than the economy is from recovering from the recession but still...its a skatepark and they are nice to us! So this was our last session and I decided to get 8 tricks documented, one for each wheel, the problem was, i did 10 instead so you will just have to deal with it! There MAY even be a fun little farmer manuever at the end...however I have been informed by the gods that if you simply skip to the end you will be forever haunted by a little red headed munchkin who will follow you around til your dying day singing the theme song from full in other words...i recommend you watch the whole thing! : )

afterthought...listen to the artist "lights" her music is really sweet!

Direct link coming tommarow after my sweet 9 hour work shift



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