Jeff Dalnas & Brett Dasovic Eulogy Pro/Am edit!

A week ago Isaac sent me out to Rhode Island to film a Eulogy promotional edit with my good friend and Eulogy Pro team rider Jeff Dalnas. The process of making this edit was an amazing reminder of what skating is all about to me. The skating is important, the tricks, the spots, the camera ect, all of that stuff is a big part of what we do especially when you get to a certain level in skating. However at the core of our sport it comes back to one big thing, FRIENDS. We started skating with out close friends because it was something we loved to do, its a social activity that we all started to take in a more serious fashion, but when it is all said and done, we do this sport because we have a group of people along side us that love to do it as well. The filming of this edit was a chance to get back to this and skate hard and promote, while getting to hang out and really live it up with a close friend that you may not get to see often enough!

Eulogy wheels is famous within our sport for producing a product of amazing quality that is unmatched. Being an AM for a company like Eulogy is something that I am extremely proud of and I know that all the riders on the team feel the exact same way. Jeff and I skated and had fun throughout the week, we worked through the weather and other issues to give you this video piece, this is not about the best tricks ever done or the craziest shit on blades, plain and simple this two company riders who happen to be very good friends going out and having fun with skating and putting together a piece that shows that we not only love skating but we love skating for Eulogy.

check out your local blade shop for the current line of eulogy limited edition colored urethane as well as the standard clear core. Also keep your eyes peeled in the future for new molds and designs from the best wheel company in the blading industry.

Edited by Jeff Dalnas
Song: Kanye West- "Hell of a Life"

Hope you enjoy the edit!

Brett Dasovic


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